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3M Grip Tape is available in translucent white.

They have have a soft, textured surface 33 mils (0.8 mm) thick that is durable and abrasion resistant. If you’ve ever felt a dog or baby toothbrush; imagine that on a smaller scale (it feels pretty awesome).

Sold in 5foot for small objects like batons and devil sticks, 10Foot increments for our approx. 1/8” wide 3M Grip Tape 300LSE. We offer 3M as a thin strip because this is how we recommend it going on a hoop. Too thick and it can cover your beautiful hoop and curl up on the sides (causing some gooey edges)! This thin and elegant strip provides a strong grip without clouding your style.

To calculate how much you need for inner line on your hula hoop:

Circumference = Pi(Diameter)

For spiral around hoop, multiply circumference by 2.75

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 0.5 in

10’x1/8”, 20’x1/8”, 30’x1/8”, 40’x1/8”, 50’x1/8”, 60’x1/8”, 5’x1/8”


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