5/8 Reflective Hula Hoop Collapsible Iridescent Color Shifting Reflective Tape Polypro


Add Crystal Clear Tape Protection (Recommended)

Select Grip/Inner Sanding If you'd like to add either gaffer grip tape or prefer an inner sanding on your hoop; you may indicate here! (Please note that we cannot sand a taped hoop.)

Add Polypro Base Color This is not necessary, at all. We offer this as an option for those looking toward the future, long from now. For those who are thinking about how fun it will be to reveal a new look once the tape has seen it's last sunset.


Add-ons total:




These beautiful reflective hoops are sure to please from day-to-night, grab a camera flash and skip the LED hoop with dead batteries.

Don’t forget to add clear tape and grip tape!

All hand-taped hoops are made with even spacing, a poly-carbonate insert, rivet, and push button connector so that they collapsible for easy travel! Diameters are measured using Outer Diameter (OD) measurements.

Please view the options populated by our drop down menus in regards to available options, if there’s a limit to our listing that is blocking your creative flow, please let us know and we will unleash the vibrations!

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Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 2 in
Tubing Diameter

3/4 Inch


Made To Order, New