Mall Day Lava Reflective-Taped Polypro Hula Hoop- designed by Carly @xxsugarmagnoliaxx


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Inspired by Carly @xxsugarmagnoliaxx, this specialty style is inspired by the classic 90’s Styrofoam cup pattern. The cup wasn’t even close to eco-friendly, but this hoop is still made with zero-waste! This iconic image (though an embarrassment in regards to the disregard to our planet during the 90’s) still evokes the sentiment that “My body is a Temple, my dude.” So get on those Richard Simmons Spandex and grab your jazzercize step bar! It’s time to get those juices flowing!

Mall Day starts with Satin Gloss Slate (Blue) Polypro base and each side of the hoop sports a thick strip of 3M White reflective! Atop the white reflective are squiggle pin stipes of High Intensity Reflective Green & 3M Violet Reflective tape. Next, we top your fancy reflective hoop with iridescent color shifting sunset iridescent tape to give it that vibrant blast! So grab your Walkman and catch a ride to the mall, the most happening spot for all 90’s crews.

The final touch; each Mall Day Lava Hoop comes standard with a protective layer of crystal clear tape.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 2 in

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