Retro Natural Polished Abalone Button Choker


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Made with a retro 1970’s Genuine Natural Abalone Button! Choker is made with up-cycled bicycle inner tube and hand-sewn adjustable Velcro clasp. That’s right, it isn’t leather, but instead a way to keep rubber out of landfills!

As a whole, our company is constantly looking for cool ways to re-purpose materials like plastics and rubbers in ways to make something both usable and beautiful. Beyond our Zero-Waste Company’s standards, we sometimes find ways to use “waste” from other companies in attempt to lower the local footprint as well! With the help of our local bike shop, we have managed to get our hands on these precious “trash-to-treasure” materials so that we could make them into these hypoallergenic earrings!

Even better, 20% of Jewelry Sales are Donated to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation!

Please make a donation of your own by visiting

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 0.25 in
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Benefits Charity, Recycled Materials

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