There are many styles of hooping, mainly divided between on and off body hooping. Select a larger size to start out (usually between 32-38″ depending on your height). The larger diameter allows you to build inertia for waist hooping, and allows you to slow your moves down and learn the muscle control. A smaller hoop, is the opposite effect (it will take less time to go all the way around, so the rotations will be faster and more difficult to control). Beginners should start with 3/4 tubing, 5/8 is a bit more difficult to control when first starting.

For beginner sizing for On-Body Hooping, we recommend measuring from your belly button to the floor while standing strait. Some people may decided to add an inch or two for a slower rotation. This measurement does give a good idea of spatial dimensions between the hoop and your body. Most common size ordered for this style: 38″.

To help determine your perfect hoop, for Off-Body Hooping try measuring from your heel to to the top of your inner leg. This measurement gives a great size for being able to do some on-body hooping still, but allows for a great arm-span between you and the hoop. Most common beginner size for this style: 30″.

Wing it
If you don’t have a way to measure, or you just want to “go for it” and get the average size you see for a multi-use hoop, this is the guide section for you! The most popular hoop sizes tend to be 34-36″ for On-Body Hooping and 30-32″ for a Middle-Ground and 28-30″ for Off-Body Hooping. We also recommend beginners start with 3/4” thickness for tubing, it’s a wider grip and allows for easier control (it also doesn’t tend to hurt as much when you smack yourself in the face…. it’s going to happen… something about weight displacement and physics).

There are so many great resources out there for tutorials. Many people still just enjoy going to YouTube and searching through the tutorials there, but sometimes it can be difficult to come up with the name for what you’re looking for. Have no fear, we know a few great places where you may find a little more structure to the types of videos so that it’s easier to get to the specifics.

Check out our sponsored flow artists! These amazing and talented beings are our first recommendation for all of our customers, for good reason. Some have tutorials already available and some offer classes as well. 

Please use these valuable resources and help build up the flow arts community!

In addition to following our sponsored flow artists, we highly recommend following @hooptuts for tutorials for flow arts enthusiasts of all levels. Also, check out @flowartinstitute for some variety after that.

You may also find it helpful to follow such hashtags as #hooptutorial #flowtutorial #poitutorial #flowartsfriday #flowmies #flowartscommunity #hoopersofinstagram and we think you get the idea…

There are copious Facebook groups and pages available for you to join.

Here are a few that we have found to be either helpful resources to learn tricks or great places to link up with other people who share the interest of flow arts so that you can get more involved in this beautiful community!

“You Know You’re Addicted to Hooping and Flow Arts When…”

“Amazing Flow Arts”

“Infinite Circles Tutorials Galore”

If you’re looking for a great website resource, our favorites are:


Let’s face it, these beauties don’t always hold their shape. 

Warping can be caused by a number of reasons such as from coiling the hoop for shipping or travel, letting it hang on a hook for a little too long, resting on the floor for too long, or even from sitting in the sun on an uneven surface!

Rest assured, there are multiple techniques designed just for the occasion!

Please utilize the following links for tutorials on these techniques:



Push in to release collapsible hula hoop

Push in to release collapsible hula hoop


Collapsible Polypro Hula Hoop - How to Coil your Hoop

Collapsible Polypro Hula Hoop – How to Coil your Hoop – For a great tutorial on how to coil your hoop please check out this youtube video.

All of our hula hoops are made with your choice of polypropylene or hdpe plastic.

Each is made collapsible with a polycarbonate insert, rivet and metal push button to allow for coiling when traveling.

We do not recommend storing your hoops for prolonged periods in the coiled position as it may cause warping. Please see our tutorial guides above for details on how to deal with warping when it does occur during shipping or travel.

We measure our hoops using Outer-Outer Diameter (OD). This means we measure from the outside edge of the tubing from either end.

When making your hoop, we measure using the circumference measurement to ensure accuracy. To determine the circumference (tubing length) of a hoop from the diameter us the following fun math: C = π x d. (Circumference = π x diameter.)

No Way! Polypro is very light and easy on the body. You’ll still certainly feel the burn from a good workout, but its not likely to bruise the body like a weighted hoop might. HDPE is slightly heavier tubing and is known to withstand more extreme temperatures. So if you’re looking to get a hoop for that trip to Canada this winter, HDPE would be a wise move, eh.
If you are interested in adding some weight to your hoop, there are a few great ways to get moving! For a slight addition to the weight of the hoop, we recommend a taped hoop. If you really want to do it our way, select a colored polypro tubing and get it taped up with your choice tape combo, then add clear tape and some grip tape. The weight of the tape will remain balanced and add flare!
Fun part of this is when you have the hoop through the learning process, there’s a good chance that it will be dropped, scratched, and just plain destroyed after time.
Why is that fun you ask? Because once you’ve learned with all this tape on it, you’re ready to advance and all you have to do is peel the tape layers off to advance to a lighter hoop. Each layer feels as if you’re revealing a brand new hoop, except you already love it and it’s already broken in!
If your hoop is already home, however, try adding some rice in there! You can weigh out the rice if you’re trying to keep track, and add or subtract until it’s where you want it.

As a hooper; we all have our preferences on textures and weights of tubing. We do our best to keep the individual color options described accurately for this very reason. We want you to be able to compare the feel, even if you can’t feel it for yourself.
As an experienced hoop maker, I am happy to help with any “weird” questions in comparison to your current hoop (we like weird around here). In most cases, we can help match a hoop weight or color by sending a photo or by describing any details of the tubing from a long lost hoop you may be looking to replace. In most cases, we can tell you the name of the tubing for your old hoop with a quick photo and help find something similar. 

Some hoop tubing is heavier than others, and it isn’t always consistent from the manufacturer. So if you’re very particular just send us a message with the details and we can help!

When ordering multiple hoops in the same order, we will automatically make the connections to match. This way, you can attach the hoops together when coiling them for travel! 

Though we may not be able to match connections that are not in-hand when making the new hoops, if you send us a picture with some measurements we are happy to try our best to accommodate you as well!

When ordering sectional hula hoops from Vibrant Hoops, we will make the sections with matching connections so that you may interchange the connections in any order you would like.

This also means, that if you order multiple sectionals all at once that you will be able to mix-and-match them however you like! The possibilities are never ending. 

You may have noticed that when ordering a hoop from us that there is a new option, Connection Style! Here you may select either Outer or Wildstyle collapsible connections for your hula hoop.

Select Your Connection Style

Select Your Connection Style

Grip Tape

Hoop Wax


Grip Tape Styles:

Spiral Around Grip Tape Style- approximately 1.25" gaps

Spiral Around Grip Tape Style- approximately 1.25″ gaps.

We welcome customization in all ways!
We are all artists here, if there’s something you’d like done for your order that you don’t see as an option, please send us a message and we will unleash the vibrations. Lets get the perfect product to express you and you and your flow.

We do offer various discounts for bulk and wholesale orders.
Please reach out via email contact@vibranthoops.com or you may call or text 1+(810)FLOWMIE (810-356-9643). Please include a brief description of what types of products you are interested in and we can send you a custom breakdown.

If an item is backordered, it means we have ordered either more of the product or materials and are awaiting for these items to arrive to our shop. 

In most cases, a backordered item will be shipped within 14 days or less of processing the order.
There are some instances where our incoming shipments are delayed due to transit times or customs. Upon receiving your order for a backordered item, we will contact you in 1-2 business days with an estimated delivery time based on the status of our inbound stock. If for any reason we find that we are unable to process your order by that time then we will contact you with the option to cancel at that time.

If there is an problem with shipping we are happy to help you as much as we can to correct the issue. Vibrant Hoops is bound by the policies for lost or damaged packages  for USPS, UPS and DHL. Vibrant Hoops is not responsible for the actions of third parties. This means, we have to follow their policies and procedures when things don’t go as planned. Please be patient with us as we work with you and the shipping carrier to resolve the problem. 

We apologize in advance for any inconveniences that may be caused by shipping delays. We will do our best to work with you at this time and ask for your patience and understanding. USPS does not have a guaranteed delivery date with their shipping options.

Please take a moment to read the USPS Missing Mail and Lost Packages page for details on the next steps.

If your package has not arrived by it’s estimated delivery date, please send us a message or email us at contact@vibranthoops.com for assistance.
First, we will file an inquiry on the package. This gets USPS to respond on the status of the package.
USPS will not allow us to file claims for packages in transit for less than 15 days as a lost package.

Although USPS may take up to 60 days to respond to a lost package claim, we will send a replacement 5 business days after filing the claim if the package has not been delivered to ensure reasonable delivery times. We ask that at this time the customer works on the honor system by writing “return to sender” on any second deliveries to help us avoid losses not covered by USPS. We are a small business and will not be able to have the lost package covered by insurance if you received it. That is considered theft.

If the customer wishes for a refund option, you may do so by filing the claim directly with USPS as the recipient, doing so will void any rights to a refund or replacement through Vibrant Hoops, but it means that the funds will go directly to you rather than waiting for us to process the refund.

If your package has not arrived by it’s estimated delivery date, please send us a message or email us at contact@vibranthoops.com for assistance.

Please take a moment to review the UPS Lost or Damaged process here.
With UPS, there is a guaranteed delivery date and we can file a claim on a package if it has not been delivered 24 hours after the expected delivery date and time.
*If you package has been marked for delivery and you have not received it, we ask that you wait at least 24 hours before freaking out. It is very common for UPS to mark packages as “delivered” while they are loading them to the truck and you will likely see it on your door shortly.

International Orders:
We hate to say it, but international shipment delays are pretty much “the norm” for the past few years. Let’s take a deep breath together and say, “it will arrive when it is ready,” “it will be beautiful when it is here and it will all be worth it,” “I can keep myself occupied with environmentally friendly craft projects until it gets here.” 
If your international shipment has not been updated in more than 5 business days, please email us at contact@vibranthoops.com and we will submit an inquiry. If the package has not moved in more than 15 days we will submit a claim for a lost package with the carrier. Submission of claim does not imply approval. In most cases, submitting a claim only means that the carrier finds the package and delivers it (finally). But let’s take a deep breath and hope it never comes to that. Let’s just take another deep breath because we are going to think positively and it will arrive just fine.

Our policy on lost packages is to replace, not refund. For refunds, please visit the website of your selected shipping option and file the claim directly.

We require photos of the damage and also the packaging for all damage claims. We can file a claim and send a replacement in 1-2 business days of receiving documentation, or if the customer prefers they may choose to file the claim themselves via USPS Claims for a refund, doing so will void all rights to a refund through your initial purchase. 

We require photos of the damage and also the packaging for all damage claims. The shipper or receiver can initiate a claim on a damaged package, although UPS encourages the shipper to report package problems. If the recipient prefers a replacement order, we can file the claim and send a replacement. Generally, once your claim (including supporting documentation) has been issued, processing takes an average of 10 days. If you would like a replacement, we can send it out as soon as we have the required documentation to file.

International Shipments USPS:

Please click the link above for details on the international claims process with USPS. 

If you would like a replacement, the process is the same as domestic shipments above. For refunds, we must file the claim and wait until USPS approves the claim before processing refunds.

  • International claims are different from domestic claims—they have to be coordinated with foreign postal administrations.
  • Only the U.S. sender can start an online inquiry to begin an international claim.

******In all cases of replacement or return of damaged items we retain the right to request damaged items be returned before processing.

Yes! We do not currently have all of our international shipping options enabled on our website for checkout. If you don’t see your country as an option please select “request shipping invoice(international only)” and enter your shipping information in the comments at checkout. We will contact you when your order is processed and we have prepared your shipping invoice. If you’re concerned of the cost of shipping, please reach out by emailing us at contact@vibranthoops.com. Please make sure to include your shipping address as well as the items you intend to purchase so that we can provide an accurate estimate and we will get back to you within 12 hours (usually much less).

We do offer international calculated shipping through our etsy shop as well at www.etsy.com/shop/vibranthoops

Need your order by a specific date to ensure it arrives before leaving for a trip or for an event? No problem!

We do ask that you contact us and inform us of any time constraints before ordering to ensure selecting the proper shipping method as well as ensuring we can accommodate any processing times on custom or made-to-order products.

What are Poi?

We decided to provide this awesome quote and a link because we don’t think there is a point in paraphrasing this:

“Poi is a Maori [New Zealand] word meaning “ball on a string.” Maoris warriors originally used poi as a form of exercise to train for battle or hunting. By swinging the heavy balls they developed wrist strength and flexibility to handle various weapons and tools. Eventually poi was used as a form of storytelling and dance. Traditionally, poi was constructed of natural flax fibers called muka, and anchored with the pithy middle of the raupo stem. Modern poi is constructed of more durable synthetic fibers consisting of bright colors. Contrary to popular belief, traditionally poi was never actually lit on fire. The art of dipping poi balls into fuel and lighting them on fire did not occur until the mid 20th century, as a progression of the Samoan fire knife.”

-Zen Arts, Article: The History of Fire Dancing, Friday June 3, 2011

LED Gloves & Beginner Poi Balls are warrantied for the electronics for 72 hours from the time that the tracking number from the shipping carrier is marked delivered. Warranty does not cover wear-and-tear type damage, water damage, damage caused by the buyer, damage caused by a third party, or damage by the shipping carrier. Damage from the shipping carrier is considered an insurance claim and is separate from the warranty.

Warranty does not cover wear-and-tear type damage, water damage, damage caused by the buyer, damage caused by a third party, or damage by the shipping carrier. Damage from the shipping carrier is considered an insurance claim and is separate from the warranty.

Warranty strictly covers product for electronic malfunctions and defects caused by the manufacturer. Restrictions apply. Not liable for damage caused to other items or individuals.

LED Contact Poi Balls & LED Contact Staffs warranty begins from the time that the tracking number from the shipping carrier is marked delivered and is valid for 90 days.

Warranty does not cover wear-and-tear type damage, water damage, damage caused by the buyer, damage caused by a third party, or damage by the shipping carrier. Damage from the shipping carrier is considered an insurance claim and is separate from the warranty.

Warranty strictly covers product for electronic malfunctions and defects caused by the manufacturer. Restrictions apply. Not liable for damage caused to other items or individuals.