Contact Juggling Balls 60MM – Made from Recycled Hula Hoops – Solid Style



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Contact Juggling Balls – Made of Recycled Hula Hoop Scraps! You may select any of the available stock colors for these balls, just indicate the colors you would like. (If you prefer to just say more basic color names like, “red, green, blue”  or “all UV Green” that is also perfectly fine.

These big balls are not for the faint of heart! These are hard resin, black-eye causing, advance stage juggling balls (but they’re super cool looking and are the perfect size to control).

As part of our effort to remain a Zero-Waste Company, we’ve gotten creative to the last crumb with our line of resin mold jewelry and accessories. These balls come with at-random coloration, though we do try to make sure each one has a balance to reflect a set.

Juggling Balls are made-to-order with a 7-10 day processing time to ensure consistent quality in all of our products.

This item is a custom, made-to-order item. Though most orders will ship within 2-3 business days, we are limited on molds at this time and need to allow for multiple orders in our estimations in order to continue to provide quality service.

The product is not the exact item shown in picture, polypro shavings are at random. Upon request, we will try to accommodate any specific color combos availability permitting.

Additional information

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 4 in

Made To Order, New

Additional Features

One-of-a-kind, Recycled Materials

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