LED Contact Juggling Ball 70mm Multi Function Stage Ball(s) – Battery Powered



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LED Multi Function Juggling Stage Balls!
Multi-function Oddballs glow ball represents a new generation of glow ball. These balls are an absolute pleasure to juggle and look amazing in the dark. Both the LED unit and batteries are sunk below the surface of the ball so as to retain a good spherical shape. The LED’s are exceptionally bright and diffuse evenly through the translucent skin of the ball. These are, without doubt, the very best combination of versatility and value for money currently available.

Each ball comes with an internal multi function LED unit which can be set to any one of 11 effects. These are:

Solid Colors in:
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Turquoise, Pink, Orange & White.
Slow fade – through 8 colors.
Cut change -1.5 seconds per color, though 8 colors.
Strobe – through 8 colors

To switch on the ball, screw the battery cap clockwise until the light comes on. To cycle through the function menu, loosen the battery cap until the ball switches off, then tighten it again to access the next effect.

These 70mm stage balls use 3 x LR44 batteries which give three to four hours glow depending on the setting. To remove the batteries simply completely unscrew the unit cap. Please note that these balls will arrive with discs of paper between each battery to stop them draining when before use.

Ball type: Stage
Diameter: 70mm
Weight: 154g
Playing time 3-4 hours depending on function.
Battery type: 3 x LR44
Price is for one ball.

Electronics Warranty 6 Months from purchase date, does not cover water damage or abuse of product beyond intended use.

Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 4 in

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