Flow Prop Strap / Velcro Strap Keychain / Hula Hoop Strap / Poi Ball Strap / Vibrant Hoops Prop Strap


Grip Tape Options Select from a variety of grip tape options to add to your hoop!

Select Connection Style (See Photos for visual examples on outer connection and wild style.)

# of Rivets & Push Buttons

Crystal Clear Protection Tape Add a protective layer of Crystal Clear tape to protect your investment and add a glossy grip to your hoop.

Add Base Polypro Color

Add Polypro Base Color

Select Insert Material Select desired material used for the insert connection of your hula hoop!


Add-ons total:




Vibrant Hoops Flow Prop Strap is here! 

Use it to attack your Hoop, Poi, Sack of Juggling Balls (or really, anything) to your backpack or belt!

For all those times that you want to bring your props out, but don’t want to be stuck carrying them: the solution has arrived!

Flow straps are shipped using USPS Domestic Flat Rate Envelope- No Tracking provided. For tracking and insurance please select upgrade to first class package.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 0.25 in

Keychain w/ Single Strap, Additional Velcro Strap


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