Hoops, Levi Wands & Poi Ball Package – Flow Prop Rentals


Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)


Add-ons total:




What you get:

  • 2 Sets LED Beginner Poi Balls (4 balls) – for you to keep!
  • 3 Levitation Wands
  • 2x Sets 90mm UV Contact Poi Ball  (4 balls)
  • 2x Sets 100mm UV Contact Poi Ball (4 balls)
  • 2x 24″ 5/8 Polypro Hula Hoops
  • 2x 24″ 3/4 Polypro Hula Hoops
  • 2x 26″ 5/8 Polypro Hula Hoops
  • 2x 26″ 3/4 Polypro Hula Hoops
  • 2x 28″ 5/8 Polypro Hula Hoops
  • 2x 28″ 3/4 Polypro Hula Hoops
  • 2x 30″ 5/8 Polypro Hula Hoops
  • 2x 30″ 3/4 Polypro Hula Hoops
  • 2x 31″ 5/8 Polypro Hula Hoops
  • 2x 31″ 3/4 Polypro Hula Hoops
  • 2x 32″ 5/8 Polypro Hula Hoops
  • 2x 32″ 3/4 Polypro Hula Hoops

Colors are at random from our stock and based on availability. We will do our best to provide a wide variety of colors and tubing types.


How it works:

These props are for rent! Rent them for a party, event, or just to try out different sizes without having to make a serious commitment!

  • Props are rented for 2 week intervals, the price shown is for both the rental fee & refundable deposit.
  • Rental fee is 50% of amount shown in listing.
  • Deposit is 50% of amount shown in listing.
  • 2 week rental period begins when package is marked “delivered” by shipping carrier and ends when marked as “received” by shipping carrier and is in transit. Release of deposit occurs after Vibrant Hoops receives returned rental and inspects, 1-2 business days from receiving. (For example, your rental props arrive on your doorstep and are marked delivered by the carrier May 1- rental period begins. Rental props must be in the mail by May 14 in order to avoid late fees.)
  • Rentals include shipping and return shipping. We will include a return label for you to place on the original package to return.
  • Deposit is refundable upon inspection of returned rental items. Props must not be missing damaged (such as kinks, cracks in tubing, torn ropes on poi balls, broken or missing items, etc.). Items may be scratched and show visible signs of use described as “normal wear and tear.”
  • Damaged items should not be returns for credit but can be returned to recycle materials. Damaged items will be deducted at 40% of the retail value to replace. (Example: if a 24″ hoop is broken then you are responsible for 40% of the price of a new 24″ of similar style on our website to be deducted from your deposit.)
  • Early returns will not be refunded or partially refunded.
  • Late returns will be charged a daily fee of 10% of the deposit & rental per day until package is marked as “received” by the shipping carrier. Once the amount of late fees has superseded the amount of deposit, the customer owns the props and cannot be refunded the deposit.
  • Props may be returned dirty but must not be wet. Shipping wet items can cause permanent damage. We sterilize all props between rentals.

Need this for a specific date?
If the stock is in then we can ship it next day and have it arrive with and estimated 5 business days. If the listing says it is on backorder then it means someone else is renting these props right now and you may want to send us a message asking when we expect to have the stock back.

Want to reserve props in advance?
We are happy to make advance reservations. To do so, please send us an email at contact@vibranthoops.com to book your flow prop rental package!



Hoops & Poi Ball Package – Flow Prop Rentals
Deposit (Refundable): $376.32
Rental Fee (Not Refundable): $376.32
Shipping (Insurance Included): $80

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 5 in