Synergy Fire Fans V2



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Better in all the ways.

All around, this new design boasts convenience, durability and beauty.  We’ve taken cues from our world-renowned firehoop designs and applied them to our Fire Fans.  Now with removable wicks utilizing Stainless Steel aircraft cable that flex to absorb impact, your frames won’t get bent out of shape from drops.  The wicks are fastened mechanically (swaged) to ensure durability.. they aren’t sewn!

Plus, the incredible convenience of unscrewing your wicks for travel will have you grinning ear-to-ear on as you pack up for your next gig.

The life of Kevlar wicking depends on frequency of use, fuel type and burn etiquette, but when it’s time to replace your wicks, you’ll save SO MUCH TIME and effort by simply screwing-in a fresh set!

– Durable steel frame
– Black electro-coated
– Lightweight (each fan weighs approximately 19 ounces)
– Genuine kevlar wick, 2″ tall heads x 1.5 wide
– 3.5″ center hole, so you can fit your whole hand inside, great for spinning

The ideal blend of form and function, with a myriad of grips to use, we think you’ll find these superbly comfortable, while also giving you accessibility & freedom in your flow.

And don’t forget Kevlar Sleeves for double-layered protection in a sexy form factor.

Price includes shipping within the US.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 4 in

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