Stardust Glitter Gloss Queen of Hearts UV Red Polypro 5/8 Hula Hoop


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Stardust Glitter Queen of Hearts is a glistening color in any lighting, a slight gloss texture with a grip, and so sparkly in the sun! Outside it shows it’s brilliant transparency and soft red tone, and indoors or dim lighting shows as a vibrant red. Move it under a UV light and watch it glow magnificently! Whether you’re a gamblin’ man or painting some roses red; this color will please her majesty.

Tubing has a slight gloss to the texture and is a bit stiffer than most polypro (probably because of the glitter within the tubing).

Measurements for diameter are determined with Outer-Diameter (OD-OD) Hoop measurements.
All hoops made with love and clean connections!
Don’t forget to add 3M Grip Tape, Gaffer Grip Tape, Wax, and Inner Sanding!

Hoop Material: Polypropylene
Insert Material: Poly-carbonate
Connection: Collapsible with rivet and push button

Processing time 2-5 business days.

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Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 2 in